Barber Shop Signs

Banners, Window Decals, Pole, A-Frame, Address Signs

A barber shop is not just a place to get a haircut or a shave; it’s a local hub, a spot where style meets tradition. In this time-honored profession, a barber shop’s presentation is as important as the precision of its scissors. The right signs can capture the essence of your craftsmanship and welcome clients into a space of comfort and care. From classic to modern, urban to suburban, signs are the silent ambassadors of your barber shop’s brand, guiding clients to your chairs and showcasing your services with pride and professionalism.

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Pole Signs

Pole signs are synonymous with barber shops, often characterized by the iconic, swirling barber pole. This type of sign is designed to capture the attention of those passing by, offering a nostalgic nod to the trade’s history while serving as a beacon for grooming services. A well-crafted pole sign not only directs potential customers to your location but also serves as a landmark in the community. These signs must be durable and well-maintained, ensuring they remain an enduring emblem of your business.

Window Decals

Window decals provide a clear and attractive branding opportunity for barber shops. They use the valuable real estate of shopfront windows to display business names, logos, operating hours, or even promote special offers. The design of these decals can range from simple, elegant lettering to intricate designs that give a sneak peek into the shop’s style. They’re a cost-effective way to catch the eye of walk-ins and can be updated as needed to keep your marketing fresh and relevant.

A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs are a flexible, effective way to draw in foot traffic, announce daily deals, or share humorous and catchy hair-related quips that showcase your shop’s personality. Placed on the sidewalk, they can beckon passersby into your barber shop with the promise of a fresh cut and a warm welcome. These signs are easily changeable and can be brought inside after business hours, making them a secure and smart choice for dynamic street-level advertising.

Address Signs

An address sign does more than mark your location; it’s an initial greeting to clients and an assurance that they’ve arrived at the right place. For a barber shop, an address sign should be clear, visible from the street, and reflective of the shop’s character. Whether it’s mounted on the building or displayed on a nearby post, the address sign must be legible and align with your business’s overall aesthetic.


Banners are a versatile option for announcing grand openings, special promotions, or new services. They are perfect for catching the attention of those at a distance or adding a pop of color and movement to your shop’s exterior. Durable and cost-effective, banners can be customized in size and design to fit any space or occasion, creating an attractive and temporary highlight that can be reused or updated.

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