Transforming your company vehicles into customized mobile billboards through vibrant, branded wraps has immense power. But an important first decision is whether a wrap covering the full exterior or only sections does the job best. Below, our team at Simply Divine Signs compares full versus partial wrapping based on critical considerations like budget, application factors, visibility, and even maintenance. Read on for guidance to determine if a full or partial vehicle wrap suits your Bloomington fleet and branding needs.

Coverage Area: Maximizing Visual Real Estate

The core difference between full and partial wrapping comes down to coverage area. Full wraps leave no exterior surface unbranded by covering sides, front, back, hood, and more. This allows messaging and visuals to blanket the entire vehicle consistently. Partial wraps only adorn specific zones, usually the rear or passenger sides. Choosing comes down to how much of that “visual real estate” you want to utilize. Do you desire branding visitors can witness from all angles or is a targeted section enough?

Budget Considerations: Evaluating Value of Exposure

Wrapping costs understandably rise in proportion to surface area covered. More intricate designs or larger vehicles like heavy equipment or trailers quickly increase costs. The focused nature of partial wraps makes their installation cheaper overall. Yet lower square footage covered means reduced visibility. Evaluate the value high-impact branding from all angles with full wraps offers against available budget.

Installation Factors: Skill, Precision, Time Requirements

The intricacy and demands of physically installing wraps also differs greatly. Full wraps require labor across the entire exterior surface. Meticulously measuring and cutting materials for precise fitting is crucial. The simpler scope of partial wraps demands far less specialized skill and time to outfit flat expansive rear cargo or side doors.

Visibility: Evaluating Brand Exposure Impact

For maximum branded exposure from all angles, full wraps win hands down by keeping messages flowing continuously. Partial rear or side wraps still grab attention yet have inherent visibility gaps off sides not wrapped. Consider typical viewing angles when vehicle is stationary or during routes driven. If you solely need awareness at events with front branding display, partial can work. But unencumbered full wraps equate huge street visibility as you drive throughout Bloomington for multi-angle impressions.

Maintenance Demands

While full wraps demand meticulous initial application, they also require extra care maintenance-wise versus partial wraps. That’s because more delicate vinyl area is vulnerable to debris damage across the entire exterior. Be prepared to wash vehicles more routinely to prevent vinyl deterioration over time. Consider your team’s bandwidth to keep wraps pristine. The focused coverage of partials makes protecting applied vinyl less involved.

Reflecting Brand Personality & Vision

Beyond visibility impact, creative aesthetic matters too. For maximum design freedom to vividly reflect your brand identity with textures, fonts, color schemes and illustrations, full wraps work wonders. Drape vehicles in lifestyle imagery or inviting patterns. Rep your brand mascot broadly. Partial wraps confined to limited space restrict visual possibilities yet offer some creative liberty over signage. Ensure the approach aligns with brand personality and vision.

Determining the Ideal Approach

Factor all the above considerations unique to your business before deciding between full and partial coverage. There’s no universally “right” option. Full wraps leave a bold uninterrupted branding impression yet come at a premium cost. Meanwhile partial wraps concentrate messaging effectively for budget-conscious companies. Prioritize your most critical wrapping needs around exposure power, visibility scenarios, maintenance bandwidth, installation challenges, or costs when choosing. The wrap experts at Simply Divine Signs can guide you in selecting the right approach to maximize your brand impact across the Bloomington community. Reach out for a custom quote tailored to your specific vehicles!