Channel Letters

Front Lit, Back Lit, Combo Lit, Open Face, Raceway Mounted Channel Letters

Make a lasting impression with channel letters that put your brand in the spotlight. Bright, bold, and visible from a distance, these signs are tools of attraction and identity for any business. Channel letters ensure your message is always clear and memorable, perfect for day and nighttime visibility. Below, we look into the styles available and how they can serve your business’s unique needs.

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Front Lit Channel Letters

Front-lit channel letters are the classic choice for businesses looking to make a bright and colorful impact. These signs illuminate from within, casting a vibrant glow on the face of each letter and standing out against the backdrop of your building. They are perfect for storefronts, shopping malls, and any location that demands attention after sundown. With a wide range of colors and shapes, front-lit letters provide a customizable and high-visibility branding solution.

Back Lit Channel Letters

Back-lit channel letters offer a subtle yet sophisticated sign option. The lighting elements are rear-facing, creating a halo effect around each letter. This type of lighting casts a gentle glow on the wall or surface behind the sign, which draws interest and adds depth to your branding. Back-lit letters have a modern look and feel, ideal for upscale venues, corporate headquarters, and businesses prioritizing professionalism.

Combo Lit Channel Letters

Combo-lit channel letters deliver the best of both worlds, with front and back lighting options to create a standout effect. These signs are highly noticeable and provide an exceptional aesthetic that can be seen from a distance, ensuring that your brand is readable in various lighting conditions and angles. They’re a dynamic choice for businesses wanting to make a powerful statement at all times.

Open Face Channel Letters

Open-face channel letters are designed with an exposed illumination source, often with clear faces that allow you to see the raw light bulbs or neon tubing inside. This retro style is ideal for businesses looking for a vintage or industrial vibe. They work well in entertainment districts, restaurants, bars, or anywhere you want to combine a nod to the past with the brightness of the present.

Raceway Mounted Channel Letters

Raceway-mounted channel letters are a streamlined option for sign installation, providing a neat and consolidated look. These letters are affixed to a raceway, a type of mounting structure that holds the electrical components and wiring in one contained unit. This method has a lower impact on the facade of the building since it requires only a few drill holes, which can be a deciding factor for leased spaces where minimal alteration is preferred. Channel letters can also be flush mounted or affixed with standoffs however, these methods can take longer and will require more holes to be drilled in the building.

For businesses looking to cast their name in lights, Simply Divine Signs offers expertly crafted channel letters to suit any style and budget. Reach out to Simply Divine Signs, and let’s illuminate your brand together.


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