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At Simply Divine Signs, we recognize the immense marketing potential that lies within your company vehicles. As they traverse the streets of Bloomington and surrounding cities day after day, your fleet presents an invaluable opportunity to broadcast your brand directly to thousands of potential new customers. We are experts in harnessing this potential through premium full vehicle graphics that transform your vehicles into mobile billboards. Keep reading as we explore the immense impact custom vehicle graphics can have for your business.

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The Power of Rolling Billboards

Your fleet likely logs hundreds or even thousands of miles each week as you service customers or make deliveries. Every mile driven presents a valuable chance to expose new sets of eyes to your brand. Essentially, investing in full vehicle graphics allows you to create customizable “rolling billboards” that provide continuous marketing for your business.

Some key advantages these mobile ads provide include:

  • Broad Reach: Expand your exposure to a wider regional audience.
  • Cost-Effective: Get more mileage from your marketing budget.
  • 24/7 Exposure: Vehicles work around the clock promoting your brand.
  • Visual Impact: Catch eyes with colorful, dynamic designs.

When designed effectively, vehicle graphics can generate impressions and leads at a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising channels. Keep reading as we explore best practices for maximizing your return.

Compelling Design, Precision Printing, Flawless Installation

Creating vehicle graphics that actually deliver results requires expertise across three key areas:

  1. Design
  2. Production
  3. Installation

Get any one of these wrong, and your graphics will almost certainly fail to achieve their potential.

The Simply Divine Signs Difference: Unmatched Skill, Care, and Quality Across All Three Areas

We’ve honed our craft to provide unmatched skill, care, and quality at every step. The Simply Divine Signs difference includes:

Design: Our award-winning creative team combines deep marketing insights with the artistic talent to create graphics that captivate attention while clearly conveying your brand’s unique identity.

Production: We utilize state-of-the-art printers and premium-grade vinyl films to produce graphics that will maintain their visual pop for years even under harsh weathering.

Installation: Our seasoned installers have wrapped everything from compact cars to big rig trucks. We flawlessly apply graphics with no bubbles, wrinkles, or errors that could detract from the design.

When you choose Simply Divine Signs, every aspect is engineered to maximize the impact of your rolling billboards. Next let’s examine some best practices for the design process.

Crafting Eye-Catching Graphics That Deliver Results

The most critical component dictating the success of your vehicle graphics comes long before they are printed and applied. It’s the design.

A poor design can sabotage even the highest quality materials and installation. On the other hand, a thoughtful design can boost results exponentially.

Some key principles our award-winning creative team follows when designing vehicle graphics include:

Stand Out with Strategic Color Use

Color choice directly impacts the visibility and memorability of your graphics. We carefully select palettes that align with your brand identity while also maximizing contrast and visibility on the road. Vibrant colors also forge strong emotional connections with audiences.

Ensure Readability in Motion

Readability separates effective designs from flops. If text and details blur at speed, your message is lost. We artfully incorporate text by testing legibility with computer simulations and real-world test drives.

Reflect Your Brand Personality

The most effective graphics align seamlessly with your brand identity. Is your company sleek and modern or friendly and approachable? Every design choice for fonts, colors, and icons should reflect your unique personality.

Incorporate Compelling Graphics

Well-incorporated illustrations, photos, and other graphical elements can greatly enhance viewer engagement and memorability. We explore options to highlight your unique value proposition.

Call Viewers to Action

Don’t leave viewers guessing what you want them to do next. Prominent calls to action provide clear direction. Consider incorporating your phone number, website, or a special limited-time offer.

Convey Essential Info Prominently

Make sure your company name, logo, and other essential info appear large and easy to quickly comprehend. Repeating information across vehicle sides boosts memorability.

We explore these principles and more during an extensive consultation process to fully understand your brand, objectives, and target audiences. Our design team won’t stop until we’ve nailed the optimal graphics to deliver maximum results.

Built to Last: Premium Vinyls Engineered for Durability

Dazzling graphics only fulfill their purpose if they can withstand the test of time out on the open roads. Fading, cracking, and peeling graphics reflect poorly on your business.

To provide our clients with maximum ROI, we exclusively print with 3M brand vinyl films. 3M leads the industry in vinyl technology that resists fading, withstands extreme weathering, and retains vibrant color for years on end.

And to protect our clients’ valuable investments, we also coat every full vehicle graphic with a durable, optically-clear laminate to defend against scratches, debris, and other road hazards.

The result? Graphics that continue effectively promoting your brand while maintaining a like-new appearance for 3-5 years or longer.

Flawless Installation for a Seamless, Integrated Look

Even the most stunning design and durable vinyl can be utterly ruined by a poor installation. The smallest bubbles, folds, or misaligned panels destroy the visual impact of the graphics.

Our veteran installers have spent years mastering precise techniques to flawlessly set graphics across a variety of surfaces. We take extreme care throughout the process to prevent any imperfections.

The result is graphics that appear painted directly onto your vehicles rather than applied on top. This integrated appearance helps viewers perceive the graphics as an official, seamless extension of your brand.

Maximizing Exposure Through Strategic Placement

How and where graphics appear on vehicles also plays a major role in their effectiveness. Our designers map out placements tailored to each vehicle type to take advantage of high visibility areas that grab attention.

Some best practices we follow for maximizing exposure include:

Full Coverage on Service Vehicles: Covering the entire exterior surface area multiplies the impact.

Emphasize Rear on Delivery Vehicles: Focus on the rear and cargo areas since these face outward more often when parked.

Utilize Doors on Sales Fleets: Concentrate graphics on front driver and passenger doors since these remain visible when vehicles are parked in front of your business.

Highlight Specific Services on Partial Wraps: Not every vehicle needs full wrapping. We can design abbreviated graphics that focus on your most profitable offerings.

No matter your fleet composition, we explore innovative concepts to get your brand seen.

Let’s Discuss Your Mobile Advertising

Now that you understand the immense marketing potential vehicle graphics offer, let’s explore how we can tap into that for your business specifically.

Schedule a consultation today with one of our branding experts. We’ll dive deep into your operations, objectives, and target audiences to formulate a custom mobile advertising action plan. Bring your questions and we’ll make sure all aspects are crystal clear before moving forward.

Call to schedule your consultation. Seize control of this immense marketing asset. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Here at Simply Divine Signs in Bloomington, we possess the rare blend of creative talent and technical prowess to fully optimize your fleet’s advertising capabilities. With full vehicle graphics, we’ve helped businesses like yours harness the immense exposure vehicles offer to expand reach and influence consumer decisions.

Now it’s your turn. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on compelling graphics that get your brand seen across Central Illinois. We serve the greater McLean County area and cities such as Bloomington, McLean, Normal, Heyworth, Danvers, and Le Roy. Let’s chat!


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