Hanging Signs

Banners, Awnings, Ceiling, Flag, Blade Signs

Hanging signs are not just markers but key branding tools that speak volumes before exchanging a word. They are the silent ambassadors of your brand, offering a prelude to the customer experience. With the right design, these signs can be the pivot around which the perception of your business turns, offering a blend of function and form that draws the eye and invites foot traffic into your space.

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Blade Signs

Blade signs protrude from your establishment, slicing through the visual noise to command attention from afar. They beckon to onlookers easily, making your storefront’s name and logo visible from multiple angles. Ideal for locations where storefronts lie flush with pedestrian pathways, they are indispensable for businesses nestled in dense commercial corridors. The elegance of a swinging sign can echo the uniqueness of a boutique, or the warmth of a blade sign with classic typography can complement the homey feel of a bistro.


Banners are the chameleons of the sign world, adaptable to various occasions and settings. From announcing a festival with bold colors flying high across a main street to sharing holiday discounts in a retail window, they are an affordable and versatile choice. Banners can be customized for longevity or single-use events and are particularly effective for seasonal promotions or event advertising. Their easy mounting system allows for quick changes, catering to the dynamic needs of marketing strategies.

Flag Signs

Flag signs are the epitome of business signage that doesn’t stand still. Their constant motion ensures a dynamic presentation of your brand, ideal for catching the attention of potential customers. They can be seen lining entryways or used in outdoor advertising, often seen at auto dealerships or during store-wide promotions, offering a whimsical yet assertive call to action.


Awnings are the classic sign solution that marries branding with architecture. They extend over walkways, offering a visual break and comfort from the weather while promoting your business with understated elegance. The textual or graphical information on an awning is shielded from the wear of weather, providing a long-term investment in your storefront’s aesthetic and practicality.

Ceiling Signs

Suspended gracefully, ceiling signs harness the vastness of a venue’s upper dimensions to streamline customer flow and broadcast messages. Their high visibility makes them essential in complex indoor spaces where clarity in direction and advertising is crucial. They can direct a customer to the right checkout line in a supermarket or lead them to special exhibits in a museum, ensuring a smooth operational flow and enhanced customer experience.

Expanding the boundaries of conventional advertising, hanging signs from Simply Divine Signs offer a harmonious blend of visibility, versatility, and visual appeal. Our signs are tailored to make a memorable impact, ensuring that your message is not just seen but remembered. Step into the spotlight confidently; let’s discuss how to best display your brand with signs that stand out and above. Contact Simply Divine Signs today to make a statement that hangs with excellence.


We understand the importance of attracting new customers. That’s why our signs are designed to be eye-catching and memorable. Whether it’s for promotional events or permanent business signage, our goal is to help increase your visibility and drive customer engagement through our high-impact signs.