Menu Boards

Wall Mounted, Chalkboard, Digital, Outdoor, Sidewalk Menu Boards

Menu boards are the silent salespeople of your restaurant, café, or food service business. They communicate daily specials, promote seasonal items, and guide customer choices. With the right menu board, your offerings are showcased effectively, tempting customers and streamlining their decision-making process. From classic wall-mounted boards to innovative digital displays, each type uniquely enhances your service and décor. Below, we briefly examine these menu boards to help you choose the perfect options for your business.

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Wall Mounted Menu Boards

Wall-mounted menu boards are a fixture in the restaurant industry, offering durability and easy visibility. They are designed to be at eye level, ensuring that customers can easily read your offerings as soon as they walk in. This traditional style is versatile, allowing for the use of different materials like wood, metal, or glass, and can be updated with printed menus or by writing directly on the surface.

Chalkboard Menu Boards

Chalkboard menu boards bring a personal touch to your space, allowing for daily or even hourly updates with ease. They evoke a casual, artisanal feel, perfect for cafes, boutique eateries, and establishments with a changing roster of dishes. Plus, the hand-written aspect provides a warmth and charm that printed menus can’t match, inviting customers to engage with your current selections in a more intimate way.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are the high-tech counterparts of traditional menus, offering the ultimate flexibility in content management and design. These screens can display full-color images and videos, making them dynamic tools for marketing and upselling. They are particularly effective for quick-service restaurants where speed and efficiency are critical, allowing for real-time updates and promotions to drive sales.

Outdoor Menu Boards

Outdoor menu boards must withstand the elements while attracting passersby to your establishment. These boards are usually encased in weather-resistant materials and designed with high-contrast colors and lighting for clear visibility in any condition. They work well for drive-thrus, outdoor kiosks, and patios, giving customers a sneak peek of what awaits them inside or at the order window.

Sidewalk Menu Boards

Sidewalk menu boards, often seen as A-frames, are designed to capture the attention of those walking by. They can be placed directly on the path leading to your door, extending your presence out to the street. This type of board is excellent for highlighting daily deals, happy hour specials, or simply to entice with the most popular menu items. Their mobility allows for strategic placement during peak hours or special events.

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