Post and Panel Signs

Medium Density Overlay, PVC, Single Post, Double Post, Aluminum Post & Panel Signs

Creating effective communication through signs is about what you say and how you present it. Quality signs provide more than direction; they convey an image, an identity, and a standard for every business or organization. Let’s explore how different types of post and panel signs can serve as practical solutions for your needs while reinforcing your brand’s presence.

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Medium Density Overlay Signs

Medium Density Overlay (MDO) is a type of plywood with a weather-resistant layer, making it ideal for exterior post and panel signs. With its smooth finish, MDO provides a premium surface for painting and digital prints, allowing for vibrant, clear visuals that capture attention. It’s a cost-effective material often used for construction site signs, real estate postings, and any setting where durability against the elements is paramount. MDO signs are also easy to customize in shape and size, offering versatility for various applications.

PVC Post and Panel Signs

PVC post and panel signs offer lightweight durability and a clean look for any business. The material’s versatility allows for intricate cuts and shapes, making it an excellent choice for custom designs. This sign is impervious to rot and pests, standing up to diverse weather conditions without warping or fading. PVC signs can be printed with UV-resistant inks for long-lasting color fidelity, perfect for wayfinding in parks, business directories, and street signage.

Single Post Signs

Single-post signs provide a minimalistic yet elegant signage option that can be both modern and timeless. Their simplicity in design ensures that the focus remains on the message. Ideal for wayfinding in residential communities or business parks, single post signs can support a range of materials from MDO to high-end composites. They are often used at entrances to present a welcoming and professional image and can be adorned with decorative elements to reflect the character of a locale.

Double Post Signs

Double post signs are a robust option for larger, free-standing panels that require additional support. They’re especially suited for entrances to large estates, business complexes, or educational campuses where visibility from a distance is crucial. Using two posts, these signs offer stability for a broader sign face, accommodating more information and larger designs. They can feature layered texturing, dimensional lettering, and logos, creating a prominent display that stands out to visitors and passersby.

Aluminum Post & Panel Signs

Aluminum post and panel signs are a prime selection for a sleek, modern aesthetic built to last. Aluminum’s resistance to rust and corrosion contributes to a sign that retains its appearance over time, requiring minimal maintenance. This material reflects a contemporary vibe and is perfect for corporate settings, hospitals, and governmental buildings. Its lightweight nature allows for easy installation, and when combined with reflective or backlit options, aluminum signs are highly visible day and night.

The right sign can dramatically enhance your business’s visibility and branding. Consider these options for a lasting impression that stands the test of time. When you’re ready to elevate your business with quality and professional signs, Simply Divine Signs will guide you through the process. Let’s make your message stand out—contact us today.


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